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E-READER 101: Info for E-readers

Visit and to access e-books

OverDrive for IOS (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch), Android/ Fire Tablets, 

  • To download e-Books through OverDrive on a tablet or E-reader, users must use OverDrive's new Libby App, available through the device's App Store.

NOOK/ NOOKcolor– will support EPUB, PDF, MP3 file types

  • Requires Windows 2000 SP4 (or newer) or Mac OS X v10.4.10 (or newer), Internet Explorer 6 (or newer), Firefox 2 (or newer) or
  • Safari 2.0.4 (or newer), Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Adobe Digital Editions is required to transfer e-books to the Nook. Link is on “Downloadable Books” sub menu.
  • MP3 audiobooks must be transferred using the Overdrive Media Console from a PC.
  • All ebooks are located: Quick Nav Arrow->Library-> My Files -> Digital Editions.
  • Transferred audiobooks are located: Quick Nav Arrow -> Library -> My Files.
  • Watch the video tutorial on setting up and using Adobe Digital Editions with the NOOK Color:

Kindle Reader - will support MP3 Audiobooks

  • Watch the video to view a step by step video tutorial on borrowing eBooks!:
  • Requires Kindle to be registered with your Amazon account.
  • e-Books can be transferred by either a WiFi connection or via USB cable.
  • MP3 audiobooks are transferred using the “Overdrive Media Console,” software.
  • Watch the step by step video tutorial on how to transfer MP3 audiobooks!:
  • e-Books can only be transfered via USB cable for Kindle 3G only models.

Smart phones: Android/Blackberry–  will support EPUB file types

    EPUB files can be downloaded directly on to phone using the “Overdrive Media Console App” (

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